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the natural sound for headphone listening

"We want to enjoy listening the music
with the mix balance of natural speaker sound
even if it is a headphone and earphone."

Now many people are listening the music by headphone or earphone.
But in the studio, they are making the music using speaker.
This is the sound for speaker listening.

It is that you put the front speakers on your ears from Left and Right side.

Therefore, music mix balance that artists and engineers intended does not have to reach the ears of listeners who love headphone intact.

We should more enjoy the music by the correct music source optimized headphone and earphone listening. Then you would feel the music more deeply.

The music source for headphone and earphone listening,
it is "HPL" music source.


"Sound images of each musical instruments that has been mixed by speaker monitoring in the studio."

"Sound images of each musical instruments when it is listening to the usual music source by headphone."

Center sound image is the back of the head, but rather in the head. 
Left and right sound images are extremely wide (too wide). 
It is the sound localization like a horizontal straight line. 
The original mix balance is collapse, there is no sense of unity of sound.

"Sound image of each musical instruments when it is listening to the HPL music source by headphone."

Playback the music having same sound image as speaker listening by headphone.

"Sound image of surround sound by HPL."

Playback the surround music having same sound image as speaker listening by headphone, too. Anynumber of channels we can do.

"What HPL music source is"

HPL is high quality optimized music source for headphone and earphone music listening.
But the music source format is not special. it is usual 2ch music source format.
PCM, 44.1 - 192 kHz, 16 or 24 bit. (coded, AAC and MP3 for download as well.)

Can be listen music by ordinary music player and the headphone or earphone.
(By speaker system as well.)


"Advantage of HPL music source"

There is no need to prepare a special hardware in the listener side.

Enjoy the music of the natural sound image with a sense of unity that is not broken mix balance in your favorite headphones or earphones.

Relaxing and less tired to listen the music because sound is not in the head.

Anybody can be enjoy surround music without the speaker system. (a growth of surround music.)

High sound quality.
It never loose the feel of hi-resolution sound source.



"Technical features of HPL sound source"

Blindly we are devoted to the reproduction of the original natural mix balance to not go a three-dimensional effect.

Rather than process the sound the listener side equipment and software, it optimize at the environment with sufficient capacity to produce the sound.

Sample rate are from 44.1kHz to high resolution 192kHz, the channels are 2ch 5ch 9ch 11ch 15ch 22ch ... and that sound source is re-mastering to 2ch using the optimized filter that specializes developed for headphone music listening.

We can convert it in real-time as well.


HPL2 = from 2ch master source.

HPL5 = from 5.1ch master source.

HPL9 = from 9.1ch master source.

HPL11 = from 11.1ch master source.

HPL15 = from 15.1ch master source.

HPL22 = from 22.2ch master source.

... and more

"HPL makes future"

All of music creators hope.
All of music listeners to enjoy.
This is new, but this is a form of headphone listening that can be said "the natural".

Visit the music download site.
Headphone or earphone listener can be downloaded HPL music source.
Listener who mainly use speaker to enjoy the music to download the traditional music source.
Such choices are the music listening style now.

"already released"

We will be available many HPL music source in 192kHz or 96kHz 24bit WAV and FLAC.

HIGHRESAUDIO site start to sell them.

The Four Seasons - Antonio Vivaldi from UNAMAS label


HPL SoundCloud is available to listen several 3D surround mixed HPL Music Source.


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